Germ ridden vacuum chambers

I believe I contracted my current fucking illness from the flight I took out of Baltimore to Seattle to Pdx. I don’t get sick like this often thank whatever but my lungs are filled with more horseshit than a politician and I’m sneasing out fistfuls of the wonderfly concrete and gelo like substance at a rate that’s almost hard to believe one could produce in such small increments of time. I suppose if I guzzle enough red bull over the next few days my metabolism will have no choice but to do away with the vile creature that currently possesses me. Piss by piss at least being forced to watch the Harry Potter series for the first time isn’t as bad as previously anticipated

Just another day in hoodburger. Raining like every other cliche Pdx night. The steelers just lost their playoff matchup against the Denver Broncos which was upsetting enough upon having to rebag garbage sick as a dog because my slum lord refuses to communicate with the solid waste authority cuz we only are aloud 2 bags of garbage every other week. Fucking wombat favored horseshit on top of being sick as a dog still from my recent flight out of Baltimore and Seattle back here from a two week visit to the eastcoast.