Matt smith famous modern Doctor who

My fiancé and I went on an adventure to a world completely new to me. Wizard con it was interesting with all these people dressed up as things I didn’t recognize mostly but there was a lot of Doctor impersonators that I did. But Matt smith himself was there to sign autographs if you wanted to pay the hundred bucks. So I did , and waited in line for two hours playing music on our phone which seemed to offend the people around us although passive aggressively conveyed. But we made it up there and they gave us a picture and he did we were great fans and just before I turned to leave, I slid him a joint in a plastic tube to him a cross the table. Which he recognized a second later and quickly and tastefully put it under the table as the whole world is watching. It just makes me feel great thinking that tonight he’s probably enjoying some American grown pot in his hotel room. I wonder what British weed is like and what strains are popular over there.. Hmm the wonders of the world I have yet see but yurn to obtain. Gorilla glue #4 is the strain Matt smith could be smoking right now and jusfully so it’s 29.37 percent thc and 3 percent cbd. The finest of the fine.

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Fucking wombat flavored n this is my ecce homo. I gotta tell someone it's killing me

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