Front door inconsistency 

Red bmw for Deutschland in the mailbox of USA 

Sea foam green dominos spray out the driver seat door, in rythm with the music like an open heart surgery gone rave    Out front 

Fingerless crackheads grinding their, now nub appendages on the red tinted pavement

Basketball sized crack rocks, rolling steadily down the street

Always inches from their bloody grasp

I think one tried to give me thumbs up

So I flipped him off and watched him dash after the ever rolling last rock

Nevermind the millions

They’ll make themselves for someone else, someone who can play dominos with ecstasy on dimethyl playgrounds inside the business blind third eye mind hybridization of a fourth dimensional hive

A spiritual motive

For a metaphysical fight 

Each step ending the beginning of another life

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Fucking wombat flavored n this is my ecce homo. I gotta tell someone it's killing me

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