Dab bar birthday avacango cake experience 

Extremely medicated cake and Viking metal completed the environment at the Dab bar it appears we frequent now. D nails at every bar stool that a valcano vaporizer isn’t sitting. Very classy a cozy with a firepit equipped enclosed back patio with a clean and private bathroom perfect for private drug use. Which being my birthday was a commodity well appreciated. Cocaine is a substance that easily breaks down social barriers so at the correct dose a public setting is perfect for for a bit fish scale consumption. The place was buzzing with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of glass being passed from individual to individual while asserting the oils superiority that they provided at set passing of extremely expensive glass peice. The Oregon “heady” crowd is like that of no other. Clicks but honest with a hint of competion lingering on the edge of every good deed. I like the purpose of it all. The assertion of overall progression through networking and passing of information. All the “industry players” frequent the club that mostly being the reason we do now. We go around and systematically try the products of those we sermise present that makes their own, and depending on codys opinion of the quality, I do and socialize with the individual until they are comfortable with giving me their contact info to do further business. We work very well together by accident and him and I have the same complex of work being our fun that iv discovered is rare on this coast at least. Which is a total advantage. 

Overall the system works very well and people know us by title there already so bringing in and exchanging products with established brands isn’t far off. We do so already I just mean new local company’s, most that we know are hours away where it grows, logically it will always be cheaper in that region. It mostly being outdoor leaves a gap in an inventory we look to the local companies to fill that focus on dewaxing their product more thoroughly. Making our own will solve all the problems we currently have with oil supply but will bring new ones. The scale that hope to be producing will still require outside material which is another area that the contacts we are developing locally will become prudent. I was given a manituska thunderfuck clear oil cartridge for my birthday ontop of gratuitous amounts of different varieties of shatter. The cake out me into a coma for the entreaty of the following day. Even made me sleep walk, I suppose I consumed somewhere in the ballpark of 400-500mg of thc through the cake which also had mango enzymes and fresh mango slices which happen to increase the potency of delta nine thc in the human body by 25%. Ontop of dab after dab followed by volcano bag after volcano bag. So needless to say when the Coke wore off so did my contiousness. It was a wonderful night and the first good birthday iv had ever if you believe it or not. I owe it all to my beautiful soulmate who was selfless enough to put any current problems aside and make sure I had a good day. It meant more to me than I could ever tell her in person without blushing. I never had the small things and her working so hard to make sure I had them is more than I deserve or have had anyone do for me ever. We are building the life for ourselves that wev always invisioned. I promised her a world of our own and we are so close to achieving it. Having children seemed like a bad joke the rest of the world was the punchline for this whole time. But being part of a blood line so important I feel it an injustice to the universe to not pass down the brilliance of the woman before me. With her brilliance and my ambition our offspring could achieve more than both of us could dream of. So after this property I need to build an environment while at the same time get enough cash to have this offsprings of ours financially set from the start. If there whole life was paid for when they were concieved then they have the room time and means to continue the growth of the legacy well have set before them and have really been working on this whole time under several pretenses of the years. 

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Fucking wombat flavored n this is my ecce homo. I gotta tell someone it's killing me

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