Rice pudding

I woke up at 7 am in sever pain so I threw on the cure disintegration album took my morphine n standing here next to my bed smoking opiated hash oil waiting for the real deal to kick in. I just received a letter from my old friend Niles who is currently in jail but winning an appeal of the court case. He’s just going to be in for the duration of the trial his lawyer is 85 percent sure and he has a really strong case for dismissal. He’s one of the most amazing people iv ever meet and doesn’t belong in jail. We meet at a protest and he joined the chapter of food not bombs me n my fiancé were running at the time to feed the local homeless once a week. He’s just battling addiction problems, which I have a hard time seeing as too different from my struggle even though mine is directly from a doctor with a prescription. Humanity has everything backwards and it claims a lot of innocent lives. But that’s natural selection survival of the fittest. Dragons blood incense is said to create the environment for a better opium experience so I have some lit hoping it Some how speeds this up. My leg is locked in place right now, I took a flexerol too so I should be able to move shortly. It’s almost bismal yet darkly funny but I’m only 22 I feel like I’m 50. I have so much shit to do but I’m so tired and had the worst time sleeping all night. Not to mention I took a large enough dose that it’s a sure thing I’m going back to fucking sleep. 

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Fucking wombat flavored n this is my ecce homo. I gotta tell someone it's killing me

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